CW28 Sites to Watch Movies Online for Free – Without Downloading!

When you watch free movies online without downloading then you are streaming the movies. But what does streaming really mean? When you go on free online movie sites that stream movies then you are not waiting to download a file in order to watch them. Rather than a file, a streaming movie plays via accessible streaming data. There are various benefits and downsides to this. To begin with, you don’t waste time waiting for the movie to download. All you have to do is click play. In the past, the video quality used to be an issue, but nowadays more sites offer HD quality movie streams. Another factor is the speed of your internet connection, but usually you can watch a movie in a slightly lower quality with no issue. Most websites will offer a variety of quality options that work best with your internet speed.

10 Best Sites for Free Movie Streaming

In terms of streaming websites that offer free movies online without downloading, there are so many sites to choose from — thousands upon thousands! Because of this, we have chosen 10 that are free and require no registration. All you need to do is scan them and decide which one is best for you.

Megamovies is a website with a very simple look. Despite this, the site still has a large database featuring a great many movie titles you can watch online. They embed the movies on the page, with links to the sites that host the films. That way, you have the option to watch your free streaming movie on Putlocker or on another hosting site. They update their collection daily, so it’s always worth checking frequently to see what new streaming free movies they have added.

Limetube was once considered among the best free online movie sites, but since that time many other similar sites have flooded the market and increased competition. The database is still enormous and the site remains an excellent source for movie streaming. Movies are offeredvia links to third party hosting sites. They offer regular quality and HD quality videos, so there is something for everyone with any type of internet connection. There is a large community on the website, and if you register with an account then you can participate in movie discussion in their community forum, as well as troubleshoot potential problems. is a newer free streaming movie site, existing in the form of a large movie search engine with a collection of over 15,000+ movie titles for the viewing. Because it is a movie search engine, the layout is rather basic, but this just makes it even easier to use and locate movie titles. We highly recommend this easy-to-use new website for online movie streaming. There are also very few ads cluttering the website, which is an upside compared to some other streaming sites which may bombard you with ads. is still a rather small site with a smaller movie database, but there is a lot of promise and the movies are of high video quality. The site typically waits until they obtain a high quality copy of the movie, which can sometimes take between 1 to 3 months after the theatric release, but this just means you don’t waste time clicking on videos that are brand new but terrible quality. There is required registration, but they don’t ask for a credit card. This attractive site is a great place to watch free movies online.


Haloamovies is an excellent free movie streaming site with a functional design and a ton of features. Although the site is still very new, there are many different movies from all different genres available. Any movie on their site that has also been released to DVD is available in 720p or 1080p video quality. The app version is available for Windows, Mac and Android. The app offers subtitle options in more than five different languages, as well as an option for an external subtitle file. This incredibly useful, especially for those who may speak languages that are not always offered on popular movie streaming websites.

is another newer streaming site. The site used to offer strictly HD movies – and they remain an excellent source for HD movies – but now upload some brand new pre-DVD movies that are in a slightly lower quality. The site has a unique design that is easy to navigate and includes helpful statistics that may guide you in your movie selection. There is even a decent collection of Bollywood movies available here. If you’re looking for a good place to find High Definition movies, then this is your best bet.

similar to the other free movie streaming sites Primewire and Solarmovie. There are no films with direct embeds on this site, but they do offer hundreds of links to streams for every movie offered. The reason why these links are often preferable is that there are many different video quality options and many different more obscure movie options. There are some pop up ads, but they can be easily disabled with an adblocker. This site also features a forum for movie and streaming discussion, as well as troubleshooting help.

is a smaller streaming site, but it’s always a good standby and option. They have a decent amount of movie titles, they update frequently and their movies are in excellent quality. They do tend not to have more obscure movie options; there are other sites on this list that offer much better likelihood in discovering lesser known titles. The website has a dark style, and is very functional and easy to use.

was formerly known as, and is one of the more popular sites on this free movie streaming list. They were once in our Top 10 ranked movie sites, but they had some problems and left for a little while. But now they are back, and they have a simple design and great list of embedded movies, so no third party host sites. They offer a large database and update it regularly, making this a great free movie streaming choice. They offer movies from all genres and release dates. You have the option to register on the site, but it is not required in order to view the movies. We must say that Viooz is really one of the best free online movie sites.

is one of the best sites for free streaming with the most movie options. They update their site daily and have tons of different titles available for the watching. The movie quality varies but you are able to find out from the movie cover what video quality options they have available for that title: HD, DVD, CAM, or 3D – and yes, they do offer 3D movies. Supposedly they are viewable if you have a 3D monitor, but we were not able to test it out ourselves. Another worthwhile featured offered on this site are movie collections. They bundle movies from certain genres and topics together for you, including bundles like: Top Christmas, Top Football, Top Superheroes, Top Zombie Movies, and so on. If you register, you have access to a few more options on the site, but as with all of these websites, registration is optional.

has been the leader when it comes to best movie streaming sites for a long while. This site is amongst the most widely used in terms of watching movies online. Primewire has been around for over ten years, and because of this they have an absolutely expansive database of movies – the biggest we’ve named yet in this article. You can find movies from every language and region of the world, including Hollywood blockbusters, Bollywood favorites, and more obscure independent films. If you can’t find it on Primewire, then it probably isn’t going to be found anywhere online. The site’s design has been consistent over the years, and hey, if it works, it works. You can get rid of the pop up ads by registering, which is just an option. This site uses third party hosting sites, with hundreds of links available for every movie you click. If you’re thinking about watching a free streaming movie online, then Primewire should really be the first site you check out.

Also Recommended

Remember that:

1. All websites listed are free, and it is only optional to register or pay additional fees to improve the experience.

2. These websites are in a legal grey area in terms of free movie watching, but it’s for you to determine whether this hinders you or not.

3. The majority of the sites listed do not actually host the stream, but collect links to different streams for your viewing benefit.

Hopefully this post has been a huge help when it comes to your grand search to find the best websites to watch free movies streaming online. If you enjoyed this post or found it very helpful, please take the time to share on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever social network of your choosing! And enjoy your free streaming movies.


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